“Go in the Strength of This Food” (1 Kgs 19:7)

On this page I will explore the Psalter (the book of Psalms) by means of my own translation of the Hebrew text and my reflections on the psalm’s meaning for us.  My hope is that you will find much in these posts which gives voice to your faith, your doubt, your frustration, your joy, your grief, and your hope. I believe most of all that in the Psalms you will find God.

Psalm 1: Instruction and Wisdom from the Source of Life

Psalm 2: “The King and His Pretenders”

Psalm 3 “If God is for Us, Who Can Triumph over Us?”

Psalm 4: A Prayer for Vindication and for the Vindictive

Psalm 5 “Seeing with the Eyes of Your Heart”

Psalm 6: “School Days”

Psalm 7:  Putting Your Life on the Line

Psalm 8: The Image of the Divine and Human Character

Psalms 9-10: From the “Gates of Death” to the “Gates of Zion”: Hoping and Waiting for the Rule of Yahweh in Every Place

Psalm 11: “Blessed are Those Who Behold the Face of Yahweh, for They Shall Fulfill His Righteousness”

Psalm 12: “Creating Worlds with Impudent Words”

Psalm 13: The Impatience of Desperation and Our Ground of Hope

Psalm 14: “The Perils of Giving Up on Yahweh”

Psalm 15 : “A Way of Life on the Way to Worship”

Psalm 16: Resting in the Joys of Yahweh

Psalm 17:  “Upon Waking”

Psalm 18: An Antiphonal Hymn

Psalm 19: “Knowledge, Meaning, and Divine Presence: Coherence Far, Near, and Everywhere”


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