“I Pledge Allegiance . . .”

“I pledge allegiance . . .
to Jesus Christ,
and to the Kingdom for which
he lived, died, and rose.
       ‘May His Kingdom come’
       in all its fullness;
       ‘May the knowledge of Yahveh
       cover the earth, as the waters cover the seas.’
I pledge allegiance . . .
to God the Father,
and to His Agenda for all his creation.
       May His Name alone
       be glorified in all his dominion;
       both now and forevermore.
Rise up, O Yahveh, and defend your throne
against all pretenders.
‘Then the Kingdom shall be the LORD’s’.”







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Our research and writing interests include biblical exegesis and theology, Old and New Testament backgrounds, hermeneutics, biblical and philosophical ethics, the history of Christian thought, and cultural critique.
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