The Example of Jesus of Nazareth (Part One)

Example of Jesus of Nazareth (Part One)

In some expressions of contemporary Christianity, the importance of the earthly life of Jesus of Nazareth focuses almost exclusively on his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection.  In this view, the significance of Jesus’ incarnation is reduced to a literal three-day “it’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming” scenario.   In other expressions of Christianity, Jesus is viewed almost exclusively as the pantokrator;  the enthroned all-powerful and victorious Christ.  Viewing Jesus in such narrow terms either as “propitiation for the sins of humanity” or as transcendent cosmic Christ deters us from an appreciation of other equally important realities which come to us through Jesus’ earthly life as “God with us.” With this in view, I wish to discuss in two posts how the New Testament portrays the life of Jesus among us as a true model and example of all that God desires in human personhood.  Hit the link above for Part One.


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